Install Upper Sorbian spell checker for Microsoft Office

download: https://soblex.de/spellchecker_extension_update/setup_spellchecker_msoffice2013-2019_soblex_hsb_w6_3.03.08_06.02.2021.exe

Kak móžu hornjoserbsku prawopisnu kontrolu w Microsoft Office za Windows instalować a wužiwać?

  • Under the heading “za/for Microsoft Office 2013-2019” you will find a link to the installation file. Download it.
  • Execute the downloaded file (setup_spellchecker_msoffice2013-2019_soblex_hsb_w6_3.03.08_06.02.2021.exe), e.g. with a double click.
  • Under certain circumstances, a warning dialogue “The computer has been protected by Windows” appears. Under the descriptive sentence you will find an underlined link “More information”, click it.
  • Start the installation with the button “Run anyway”. Confirm the next dialogues with “Ok”, “Install”, “Ok” and “Finish”.
  • Now you can select Upper Sorbian as the language for spell checking and documents in Microsoft Office.

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