Install Upper Sorbian LibreOffice for macOS

download: https://www.libreoffice.org/donate/dl/mac-x86_64/7.0.6/hsb/LibreOffice_7.0.6_MacOS_x86-64.dmg

download: https://download.documentfoundation.org/libreoffice/stable/7.3.0/mac/x86_64/LibreOffice_7.3.0_MacOS_x86-64_langpack_hsb.dmg

How can I install LibreOffice for Apple macOS in Upper Sorbian language?

LibreOffice installation

  • Open a browser and go to the www.libreoffice.de page.
  • Click on “Download” in the header bar. In the menu that appears, select LibreOffice Download.
  • On the page you will find different versions of LibreOffice under “Download LibreOffice”. Select the second one from the top by clicking on the yellow Download button.
  • Open the downloaded image (LibreOffice_7.0.6_MacOS_x86-64.dmg), e.g. with a double click.
  • In the “Libre Office” dialogue, move the LibreOffice application icon into the Applications folder. You may have to confirm this with your password.

Language pack installation

  • Double-click the downloaded image (LibreOffice_7.1.4_MacOS_x86-64_langpack_hsb.dmg) and execute “LibreOffice Language Pack” in the dialogue.
  • Confirm with “Open”, “Instalować” and “W porjadku”.

Set the language

  • Open LibreOffice after you have installed the language pack.
  • Click on LibreOffice -> Settings.
  • Now select Language Settings -> Languages from the menu on the left and the Upper Sorbian language from the dropdown box “User Interface” on the right.
  • Confirm your selection with “Apply” and restart LibreOffice with “Restart now”.

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