Install Upper Sorbian keyboard layout on macOS

download: https://www.radyserb.net/fileadmin/USER_UPLOAD/serbska_tastatura/macOS_9-11/macOS_9.dmg

How to write Upper Sorbian on Apple macOS

  • Open a browser and go to www.domizna.org.
  • In the menu bar on the far right you will find “SORBISCH” -> “Sorbisch schreiben – mit iOS / macOS”.
  • Open the downloaded image.
  • Open the file “Serbski Keyboard.mpkg” with a right click and confirm in the dialog.
  • Follow the installation instructions and confirm them. You may have to enter your user password and confirm this with “Install software”.
  • The dialogue ends with a click on “Log off”.
  • After logging back in, navigate to “System settings” -> “Keyboard”.
  • Select the tab “Input Sources” and press the “+” button to add a new language.
  • Search for “Serbsce”, select “Serbsce” and press “Add”.
  • Now you can select the language “Serbsce” in the top right-hand bar on the desktop and write Sorbian letters.

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